Sunday, 15 May 2016

Water Analysis : To Estimation Of Total Suspended Solids(TSS)

A well mixed sample is filtered through a weighed standard glass fiber filter and the residues retained on the filter are dried to a constant at 103° C to 105° C. The increase in the weight of the filter represents the total suspended solids. If the suspended material clogs the filter and prolonged filtration, the differences between the total solids and total dissolved solids may provided an estimate of the total suspended solids.
·         Glass fiber filters
·         Filtration device
·         Weighing balance
·         Oven dry the glass fiber filter and weigh it.
·         Assemble filtering apparatus and glass fiber filter.
·         Wet filter with a small volume of distilled water to seat it in filtration apparatus.
·         Shake the given water sample and add 100 ml of it on filter.
·         Start the suction device to generate vacuum and filter out the water sample
·         Carefully remove the filter from filtration apparatus and dry it in oven at 103OC to 105OC for at least 1 hour. It would be having dried solids.
·         Weight the filter after drying.
·         Put the data of pre weight and post weight of the dish in the following equation and calculate the amount of total solids present in the sample
mg total suspended solids/L =         (A-B) x 1000      .
     Sample volume, ml
Where, A = post weight of dish (weight of dried residues + dish)
B= pre weight (weight of dish)

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